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Instruction Team

The Raspberry Golf Academy at Bull Run Golf Club’s only philosophy is to make our students better at golf. Our academy does this by using the best tools in the business to evaluate your game before helping you reach your goals. The technology we provide to you is second to none. Our proven techniques will show you what you are CAPABLE of and teach you how to play your best golf. We offer a variety of instructors so that you may find the right coach to achieve your goals. Come out and see the difference at the Raspberry Golf Academy at Bull Run Golf Club!

We have also just launched our Raspberry Golf Schools at Bull Run Golf Club! These schools offer a more comprehensive approach as they are longer sessions and contain information for all areas of golf!

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Instruction Team

  • Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis, PGA Head Professional

  • Timothy Ganse

    Timothy Ganse, PGA Senior Staff Instructor

  • Mark Guttenberg

    Mark Guttenberg, PGA Director of Instruction

  • Leslie Guttenberg

    Leslie Guttenberg, LPGA Instructor

  • Adam Hubbard

    Adam Hubbard, Director of Fitting

  • Robyn James

    Robyn James, Director of Women’s Programs